PDS KEYS(DIALOGUE 1)-PART II by Akua Mawulikplim Sarah Menieso

Piper: Mmm…That’s enough stretching (both laughing whiles sitting down).Your last statement ushers us into Key 6 which is Stop Giving Excuses : Don’t be too comfortable at where you find yourself presently and resort to No as an anthem to opportunities that will help you discover your potentials (Tasha cuts in)

Tasha: Very true. I’m actually discovering one of my potential doing this with you now…

Piper: (shocked) Really! and what could that be?

Tasha: Motivational speaking…

Piper: (smiling) I’m in awe. You’re such an intelligent Young Lady…

Tasha: Thank you.

Piper: I’m honoured to share your company today.

Tasha: (smiling) Okaaay …

Piper: You don’t have to be shy. Let’s continue. So Key 7 is

Piper & Tasha: Build Your Vocabulary (Piper turned to look at her surprisingly).

Piper: How did you do that? Are you reading my mind too?

Tasha: (laughing) Oh no no. It’s logic.

Piper: Mmmmm…Educate me Lady (Tasha cuts in)

Tasha: (smiles)You can’t be a motivational speaker and not have words to express your self adequately in order to put your message across?

Piper: (laughing heartily) Wow, wow, wow! I’m short of words. Brilliant! So you want to finish it up? Come on, give it a try…

Tasha: (smiling) Okay. So eerhm Practice makes one perfect. Never tarry in knowing more than what you know. Learn a new word everyday whether in your local dialect or other foreign languages. It makes you smarter.

Piper: Gooood! (clapping joyfully) You’re one gem of a kind and that my Dear brings us to Key 8 ~ Giving

Tasha: Giving?

Piper: Yeah, you don’t think so?

Tasha: Yeah, It doesn’t quite relate for me but you do have a reason for it…

Piper: (smiling) I sure do. You can not acquire knowledge and not give by sharing. That is

Tasha and Piper: Selfishness

Piper: (Smiled) The secret of giving is earning when you least expect it (Tasha knodding). It doesn’t always have to be money. Adopt the spirit of helping in every sphere, anyhow, any where and by any positive means available. Endeavour to be creative in expressing this gesture. Always remember, it is

Tasha: better to give than to receive, Acts 20:35 (both laughing). I agree totally, the more you give, the more you get. You know you’re a genius too…

Piper: (smiling) Thanks. I’m humbled.

Tasha: And I believe Key 9 will be Character.

Piper: Mmmm..How does that fit into this context?

Tasha: Weeell, “Do unto others what you would have them do to you,..”Luke 6:31

Piper: Oh Okaaaaay..Interesting one there… (Tasha continues)

Tasha: Be respectful to everyone. Accept Constructive Criticisms because they make you take better decisions which gives us Key 10~ Leave a Legacy.

Piper: (amazed) I’m in awe. Finish it then…

Tasha: (laughed out loud) Let me ask you this question…

Piper: Okay

Tasha: How would you like to be remembered after you are gone?

Piper: Mmmm…

Tasha: Don’t Answer. Just think about it…

Piper: Okay

Tasha: We have to be an example that will be researched about even while we are gone. I say Work Hard and Desire to be successful.

Piper: Wow! (stretched out his hand to shake hers). This is one of the most fulfilling moments I’ve ever had. Thank you so much.

Tasha: (smiling) My pleasure!

Piper: Why don’t we take a walk?

Tasha: Sure (they both stand)

Piper: But before that I have something to say (paused for a minute. Tasha keenly looking at his face)Tasha, Tasha, Tasha, you just won yourself a scholarship to Ashesi University…

Tasha: (shocked) Are you serious? (knodding his head) Are your for real? As in I’m going to school?(knodding his head)

Tasha: (screaming aloud and jumped to hug him)Aaaaah! Hahaha! Oh my God! I don’t know what to do… Thank you, thank you…(Started singing and dancing heartily) …And when I thought that he has done too much, ooo Jesus did it again!

Piper: (laughing) That’s not all (Tasha cuts in)

Tasha: What?

Piper: (held her hand as they began walking) From today you’ve become my executive assistant for managing my PDS blog with full benefits…

Tasha: (tearfully) Gladly! Thank you…(Both chatting as they walk into the distance with music playing in the background)



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