PDS KEYS (DIALOGUE 1)-PART I by Akua Mawulikplim Sarah Menieso


Time: Early hours of Wednesday

Setting: A neighborhood in Tema

(Tasha is seen walking sluggishly in the distance weeping, her hand on her head and talking to herself in a  confused state)

Tasha: Why? Why? What am I going to do? Am even hungry..mmtcheww.. Why now? (sobbing and fell to the floor in front of an uncompleted building)

(All this while, Piper was approaching Tasha in a pensive mood wondering why she was soaked in her own tears.Tasha was struggling to control her tears but couldn’t. Her head was down sitting rejected on the floor with a sack letter she had earlier that morning. A job she landed struggling so many years after school jumping from interview to interview. Piper came closer, sat with her on the floor and never uttered a word. He waited for her to finish crying. Tasha began soliloquising whiles Piper listened attentively in silence).

Tasha: (Tearfully) I keep asking myself, am I a mistake that happened or is just the witches in my family who have vowed not to see me excel…(Piper looks at her from the side of his eyes) Don’t look at me like that, we are in Africa. My parents have kicked the bucket, my father’s family rejected me. My mom’s family don’t even know what I look like now. I struggled to see myself through SHS (recalling some of her past experiences). I washed bowls in restaurants;  cleaned people’s homes; sold anything sellable if there’s any English like that (Piper smiles); men don’t even look my way cos I’m always in this old dress; got defiled by my supposed benefactor along the way. Even though I wasn’t qualified academically for most of the jobs I applied for, I knew I would get the opportunity to learn on the job, gain more skills and use the experience to apply for scholarship to further my education. That’s how I got this job barely three weeks ago.(Sobbing whiles speaking) This was my only source of comfort only for it to be taken away from me this morning; not even a single explanation, Why? Where did I go so wrong? or God has forgotten he sent me? Am I the only sinner on earth?

(Piper hands over the pack of food to her to eat. She grabbed it at the sight of it and rushed through it bite after bite)

Piper: Take your time Dear. Take your time (Watching her keenly eating with tears flowing down her cheek, shaking his head. Tasha finished the food, cleaned her mouth, drank water and knelt down in front of him).

Piper: (surprised) Why are you kneeling down? (She cuts in)

Tasha: My God will bless you..(she held his knees sobbing)Thank you Sir.

Piper: Tasha sit down. You have shared enough tears (held her by the arm to sit). Listen Tasha, I’ve not stayed in this neighbourhood for long but everyday I watch you go about your work diligently. You are very eloquent and friendly and I’ve heard your story.

 Tasha: Really..

Piper: Yes is a small neighborhood.

Tasha: mmm

Piper: Well, life struggles never end. One day, you will have a story to tell. But right now, you are the only one who can decide how to change your situation or wallow in pity. Is not about how you fall that matters but how you rise out of every struggle life throws at you. I was developing some Personal Development Keys and I know you’re capable of helping me with it..

Tasha: (surprised) You think so?

Piper: I know so

Tasha: mmmm (smiling)Thanks for believing in me.

Piper: (smiling)You’re Welcome. Now let’s roll…(hands her a paper and pen to write down all they will discuss)

Tasha: Okay, okay

Piper: Key 1~Humility: Allow yourself to be influenced by others whether old or young irrespective of age. Beware of pride and contentment.

Tasha: Woow…That’s really true. ” God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble” Proverbs 3:34. Some people think when they are up there, it means they’ve arrived. They start to look down on people, become all choosy  if there’s any word like that (Piper smiles) and discriminate so much so that when they fall, they become loners.

Piper: Interesting one there..It pays to be humble I guess…

Tasha: Yea…

Piper: Which brings us to Key 2~Know Yourself: Understand your passions and shortfalls. Always strive to rise back up when you fall. Use the time to worry to find solutions. Need help? Talk to someone who has been there.

Tasha: (smiling) Ahaaa…This one is directly speaking to me.

 Piper: You think so?

Tasha: I know so. Mmhm, You saw me wallowing in tears instead finding solutions to help my situation.

Piper: (smiles) Tasha, crying is an essential part of healing yourself when you are down most importantly if everything seems to fall apart. It cleanses your heart from pain and hurts.

Tasha: Wooow..I didn’t know.

Piper: Now you know but it doesn’t mean you should yell and wail every time you face a problem. (Tasha laughing) Learn something from the issue and think about doing it better next time (Tasha nods her head). The process of continuously and consistently doing it better is what I call

Tasha: Discipline

Piper: Beautiful (Tasha cuts in)

Tasha: So in short, be true to yourself. Make sure you achieve at least one activity in your to-dos in a day whiles being watchful about procrastinating…(Piper cuts in)

Piper: Impressive. That is Key 3 which brings us to Key 4~Planning Your Goals: Always have a beginner’s mindset for your activities. Do well to review them at the end of each day and never forget to have alternatives for each goal. Choose where you want to make mistakes. In all put God first.

Tasha: Hmmm!  You see, most at times, as human as we are, we say these things to ourselves but never do them…

Piper: True. So what do you think if we practice can help keep us on track.

Tasha: (thinking) Eeeeeerhhm.. We should develop a Positive Mindset.

Piper: (joyfully clapping his hands while Tasha covered her face shyfully) Don’t be shy. Come on.. I know you have more to say about that and that’s Key 5, kindly note it…

Tasha: Sure. Weeell..We as individuals, I believe we are what we think about consistently. We also have to flood our being with thoughts of greater heights. While we are at it, we should be aware of fear which is ” a type of emotion”. We have to believe in ourselves to motivate others to believe in us.

Piper: Awwww, you’re such a genius…(both laughing)

Tasha: I don’t know about that. I’m just following your footsteps.

Piper: Ooh OK. Great. Eerhm do you mind if we do a little stretching…

Tasha: Of course why not (Both standing up).

To be continued….

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